Thursday, May 3, 2012

WORK, now that I am over the hill.....

Being now officially part of Club 50, it is time to pause occasionally for reflection....
I was at my desk today when I read a motivational quote on the internat that said:

"So you hate your job, well there's a suppport group for that: it is called EVERYBODY."

I beg to differ, I don't absolutely love my job but I do like it. And I know other people who also like, no even love their job. Of course, it is not for everyone ( no pun intended ) But is work really that bad? What would it be like to not have to work, at all? No housework, no hobbies, nothing....

Where would we be without work? No money, no challenge, no goals, no traffic snarls, nothing to get up in the morning for....

There was a heiress, whose name I have now forgotten, who never had to work....her family had too much money for her to have to do any work. But she was far from happy and occupied, in fact she was most unhappy.

She did not come in to contact with a diverse range of people, so her relationships were severely restricted, she had very little purpose and no goals. She was quoted as once saying: there is only so much shopping you can do.

Imagine that... shopping every day. Money to buy whatever she wanted. It sounds like  a dream, but it was her own private nightmare.

Missing out on the Paris Hilton type Celebrity reality show, meant there was nothing at all for her to do. And that probably meant also nowhere to go....and all the clothes in the world to wear to nothing...

Where did she end up?

suicide.Very very tragic and such a sad soul. There was nothing for her to live for, and the black dog took over and consumed her......
So although we hate it, work is definitely something we should do and perhaps ponder about.

 For where are we in our society without it?
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  1. The Japanese have a marvellous word


    Meaning "the reason for getting up in the morning". It is good to have ikegai

  2. The Japanese fully understand this concept, much more so than Australians. Their work ethic is much stronger, therefore it should not be surprising that they have developed a word for it. Thanks for sharing this. I love the word ikegai....