Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ginger Factory - Yandina

Everyone said it was a great day out.... So with rain and showers determined to ruin our last day at the beach, we ventured over to Yandina.... a short 20 minute drive from the Sunshine coast beaches. That is if you don't miss the turn off from the highway.

Take the bli bli road from Nambour and enter the Bruce Highway northward... then watch for the exit to Yandina and there is a couple of Ginger Factory signs.

Entry is free so that entices more customers into their shops... smart move...but thereafter only browsing is free...

Ginger Factory Trivia

Did you know that Buderim Ginger Factory ( at Yandina) is the biggest and maybe only Ginger factory in the world... Apparently they used to be at Buderim hence the name.

Henry VIII thought ginger to be a great cure for the black plague and it was generally called The Royal Spice. Centuries earlier, in 1298, Marco Polo introduced ginger to Europe

At the Yandina establishment, they have diversifed introducing a Honey tasting, shop and film show and also a Gourmet Cooking School

There is a small vintage train which will delight children under 5 years, but the various attractions within are in easy walking distance and mainly comprise shops selling a variety of tourist memorabilia and souvenirs.
Adults are $6.50 per ticket for the train ride around the complex.

Amusing garden and shed signs were really the three or four different souvenir shops.

There is a motor garage - which is really a small museum for garage signs and automotive memorabilia.

The Gardens were filled with some extraordinary specimens of ginger varieties from around the globe, both ornamental and edible.

Other attractions include a boat ride with commentary about ginger making, which is indoors and on which you can witness various animated figures that would again, amuse a child under 5. Adults would probably be bored out of their skulls...

There is a large undercover eating area, presumably for the seniors bus crowds when they roll in, thank goodness we missed those... so perhaps Monday is good day to visit.

The rain did follow us around all day, so I would advise taking an umbrella if you visit on a wet day.

The Ginger Factory, 50 Pioneer Road Yandina, is open 364days a year

Verdict: Never to return

The good: Entry is free

The bad: Not enough informative attractions for adults

The Ok or is it the ugly: plenty of souvenir shopping
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