Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catching up on craft


I have so many half finished craft projects lying about that it is starting to bug me. So I have UFO's in my sights... I have declared war. The items pictured have been lying around uncompleted for over 8 years!!! * 8* years!!!! So today, inspiration hit me and they were completed in just over a half an hour... Finally found the right combination of colours. 

Time restrictions mean painting has to be quick,easy and enjoyable.... and Daisies are a fun theme. The box was painted for my daughter, but she decided she did not like the green stripes so it sat idly by, gathering dust.

I intended this to be a birthday gift, but my daughter then decided the finished project was really quite nice.... so the birthday gift was merely the door hanger instead and some other items. This is a very simple beginner project. About six colours in total and requires a liner, stipple, and #3 brush. If anyone would like the pattern, I can email it to them. I am happ to share my patterns.

"Lavender daisies in spring"


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