Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scandinavian Bakery... a Touch of Scandinavia in Australia

Eating a Delicious Nordic treats can transport you momentarily to the forests of Norway and Finland or the freshwater of the Swedish Baltic coast. Can you source this in Australia? 

Yes you can. 
I discovered the little known Scandinavian Bakery cafe at Dennis Road, Springwood. If it is Herring, a plethora of freshly baked kanelbuller ( cinnamon buns) or Finnish style Danish pastries,  or a Pulla, to good quality, organic lingonberry or clouberry jam you can take yourself home a slice of Scandinvia.

Kanelbullar/ Pulla
Freshly brewed coffee is often accompanied by Pulla ( Kanellbullar in Swedish) a sweet bun made of wheat flour and flavoured with cinnamon. It is a popular snack in Scandinavia and is often served when meeting socially.

Pulla dough is used also to make twists, tea rings of fruit pieces with lingonberrries, blueberries or apples.

Not to forget the Farmhouse Cheesecake Tart, or Christmas stars ( a flaky butter pastry with prune jam filling!)

Tingled your tastebuds yet? Take home some pepparkaka, ( made from scratch on our premises) or a Spice or Tiger cake, or Lingoberry pie.

They also have savoury pies: from Tradiitonal Beef and Onion to Karelian pastries ( a special area of Finland where Finns were exiled from - twice in history) This rye pastry comes with a potato filling. You could eat these the traditional way, topped with an egg and butter spread or with a slice of cheese and grill or microwave... Delicious.

Svae your self a plane ticket and sample some Leksands crispbread, or Caviar or sourdough rye bread.

At the bakery, the products are all natural and contain no added artificial colours flavours or preservatives...

Open Monday to Friday 8 - 5pm   Saturday 8 - 2pm
3 Dennis Road Springwood
3208 1067
closed public holidays...