Friday, December 16, 2011

Singapore Sling: Hot & wet, with Hanna and a Hangover DAY 1

Wednesday DAY 1 of Europa 2011-2012
Brisbane to Singapore.  Sub tropical to Equatorial Humidity
Humid and hot leaving home; the International schools must have finished their yearly studies, for the flight was full of young Asian men, with short spiky hair, the kind that I would love to run my fingertips over, (but never would)!! All going home after a long year of study, perhaps?
Watched several in-flight movies, managed to fit in three! “Hanna”, which I have actually forgotten the plot, but remember a stiff performance from Cate Blanchett & Eric Bana, something about experimental manipulation of DNA in children, also Midnight in Paris, which was a totally unreal chick flick, but quite lovely, and the Hangover II: which I found especially unsettling, even shocking at times, even though I could see the use of “Black” comedy, in some scenes. Started to watch “Thor”, but found this movie so poor, that I skipped through at least 2/3 of the film, only watching the climax and concluding scenes. Still managed to follow the plot without confusion…. Enough said….?
Arriving in Changi airport, there were of course, no hassles, a completely streamlined entry. The ATM was conveniently located prior to the exit where taxis awaited me. Just as well, as the old Indian taxi driver did not take credit cards. His taxi was old, smelt like cigarettes, and despite the taxi meter reading only $17, (due to his breaking the sound barrier on the way to Annette’s house), he still charged me the quoted price of $20. Perhaps he was late for a Singapore sling at Raffles.
We were accommodated on the 29th floor of Annette’s apartment tower in a premium location, resplendent with snowman welcoming us at the main ground guards-house entrance. Felt right at home, especially in the humid conditions! Fabulous views, with lots of floor length glass even in the shower!!! Annette’s views to the recently completed Marina Bay Sands were only occluded when a neighbouring high rise was finished. Life in Singapore the skyscraper city!!

More tomorrow