Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bauermalerei (German)painting project

There are some wonderful examples of Traditional folk painting that I hope to see when I visit Germany later in the year. But I will have to content myself with painting some of this wonderful art form myself.

Today I started and completed this quick and easy project. It uses only 4 colours and shading and highlighting is done by means of lighter and darker strokes with the liner brush.

This means no more battling with retarder mediums ( of those who use acrylics).
The patterns can be quite busy, and the borders can even be decorated with the palette colours and strokes overlayed on top.

The tulip was the first folk art flower and represents the Holy trinity with its three petals. One of these flowers I designed myself, and the others I borrowed from a Bauermalerei project book by Lia. ( It is a definitive text for decorative artists)

The interior of the frame could be decorated by addition of a mirror, or photograph, but I chose to make it a blackboard memo board for my daughter.

Red Earth and variants mixed with Warm white
Warm white
Burnt Umber
Antique green or grey green
Accent dots - Yellow Oxide

Does it appeal to everyone? Maybe that is something to ponder about?
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  1. What an interesting blog you have. If I could paint, I would. I tried some years ago, but I concluded that if I wanted to be creative it had to be with words ;)