Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday lunch on the Mountain

The week of celebrations continue as I enter my sixth decade.... 

Heading up to Mt Tamborine, for a beautiful leisurely day out, it seems we weren't alone. Hoards of old and vintage car enthusiasts joined us. Unperturbed, we sought out a little Dutch establishment to satiate our hungry appetites.
 The extent to which I am drawn to Scandinavian and Dutch culture, appears to suggest that I have Dutch blood / genes... but I have not. Well, none that I know of, at any rate!!! There is mystery grandfathers in my family.....

In fact generically, I could say it is the Hanseatic league's members states, are the culture that resonates with me. So I felt right at home here for lunch.

 The Dutch clog Barn includes a souvenir shop with clog making demostrations on weekends, sales of Dutch licorice and lollies, and a delightfully simple and nutritious Cafe menu, peppered with well known delicacies such as Kaffe waffles, ( Dutch style) and Poffertjes. I chose a Dutch pea soup with adornments of Cheese and Pumpernickel. Had to had something with cheese, as it was a Dutch cafe!! The rather tall waitress had all the hallmarks of a average height Dutch lady, so the cafe had an element of authenticity, embellished with the Dutch clogs, plates and knick knacks on the walls.
I had to wait quite a while for our meals, as did the other customers, but it really wasn't a problem for me. I was in no hurry and quite content to soak up the atmosphere. Prices were reasonable, with desserts around $6, mains around $10.00.Drinks, averagely priced but deliciously decadent, as you can see by the Iced chocolate.

Despite the wait, I can recommend the Dutch cafe. Just take your time!! Be relaxed and ponder about things that make you feel like you are in, a little bit of Holland....

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