Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be a Zoo keeper for a Day

There is a fabulous school holiday program on at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. School age kids can be zookeeper for a day.

Whilst not inexpensive, if you count the entry to the zoo, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, special behind the scenes fully escorted tour with guide for 5 hours plus drink bottle and souvenir zookeeper hat and photo holding a zoo animal... you would not get any change from the $85 the Zoo charges for this activity. So all in all, it is good value.

The special zookeepers get to help clean the cages, hand feed the elephants, tigers, hold a baby croc, see Terri, Wes Bindy and Bob feed the big crocs in the Crocoseeium show. Chase around piglets, and kangaroos, and other assorted animals...

My daugter and her friends loved it....

Australia Zoo
Steve Irwin Way

Save Steve's place
The zoo is also highlighting the threat to a unique habitat located at the tip of Australia in Cape York peninsula from strip mining. More information here....

Steve Irwin never swore... he may have said crikey an awful lot, but he never uttered a swear word... some role model for young people ( even though he did crazy things) and that is something rather unique these days.

Definitlely something to ponder about....
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