Monday, March 28, 2011

Can we do without our Cars... the public transport challenge...

My society takes mobility for granted.
We can go where we want, we have cars, we pick our times and squash more into our day because we can get more places faster. And even so, we are still rushing to appointments and meetings....

What would happen if you did not have access to any private car for a week? Could you take the challenge to use public transport? Of course, this depends if you live in a city or not... Public transport outside the major capitals can be a bit less than shockingly bad...

This week I have to make do without my car due to a minor accident. The car will be at the workshop and repairer for up to a week and for a family of 6, who are mobile, life and getting to swimming school, work, visits, after school lessons, etc can be a nightmare.

The insurance claim was the most painless part of the exprience and I was provided with a taxi voucher so that not only my daughter could be ferried to school but I would be escorted back home. I did miss a day's work as it would have been impossible for me to get back from work tonight... however, I can not do that again. Buses, trains or a combination of such would have to get me into work.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bus will take me to work and it leaves not far from my home... however, I must allow an extra two to three hours a day to get to and from there. Still a forcible slowing down of my schedule will not be a bad thing, or will it?

I have a retinue of Mothers and neighbours  lined up who are willing to bring the dependant child to and from school and to swimming lessons. Will have to skip my extra curricular activities this week, but a performance from the dependant on the weekend can be reached by train, or borrowed car perhaps.... But borrowing the car could be cheating and nullify the challenge... I must use public transport mustn't I. 

Bicycle will also be used and the carbon savings I make this week, must save the Prime Minister's Carbon tax campaign alone?????

It is something to ponder about.... Boost your self reliance, get fit, save the planet and discover another method of getting around... This I challenge you to... .Can you do it for a week?

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