Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What has happened to Cirque de Soleil - OVO!

Did you ever see the spectacular show called "Dralion?"  Performed in my town about 4 years ago, it was an incredible feast of entertainment, jam packed into a two hour performance. Often there was three simultaneous acts proceeding at the same time. One on stage, one up in the air, and one on the back wall. It could not have been better. So I was eager to help out a charity and purchase a ticket to the latest Cirque de Soleil show to come to town... OVO

Ovo performance glimpse...

It was good and it was entertaining, but it was no DRALION. It was a much scaled down version of Dralion, to the point that over 2 1/4 hours ( it finished 1/4 hour earlier than scheduled) I saw a mere six performing acts, with long interludes of drawn out slightly amusing actors performing a contemporary version of the clown act, except they were dressed as a ladybird and grasshopper. The Ovo them is insects.

Dont' get me wrong: the costumes and set were all fantastic, it was just the content that left me wanting. At one point, there was a band playing music, in a language I did not understand but nothing happening on stage. The highlight was the flying trapeze troupe and the Diabolo man...incredible.

But these acts were less than 10 minutes and then you had to endure another 20 minutes of the grasshopper and ladybird non verbal antics... ho hum....

Sadly disappointed and left wondering what has happened. Is it the result of financial difficulty that the production is a mere 30% of Dralion? Or is this a different production house using the Cirque de Soleil name? Must do some research as I am a bit confused...

Crowds were certainly down and the stage much smaller, so it seems word has got around...that is something I will ponder about today.

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