Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Perfect Scone - at last...

 What does it take to make the perfect scone. Ask my girl, as she is the one who took out first prize in the show. We got to meet the judge today and she revealed the criteria for judging. It is notoriously difficult to compete in the cookery section, due to the high standard of the goods presented.  Scones and pikelets are iconic Australian foods, and if you can't cook these standards, then some older generations might consider you hopeless!

What do the judges look for:
Light and fine in texture. (This comes about by kneading well.) 

For Pumpkin Scones: always strain pumpkin so no pieces of pumpkin show in scones when opened.
Size and shape- Consistency, about 5 cm, round

Taste - light, evenly cooked.
Look - When cut, feathering or layers evident.*Before bringing scones to a show, rub any visible flour off with a soft cloth.
*For Show work: Scones should never touch while cooking.

Would you like me  to share the recipe?

It is Granny's recipe for scones. It is super easy, super quick and obviously a prize winner!!
That is something for you to ponder about.... I will check the responses before posting the recipe.


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  1. I am just wondering if you will be revealing the scone recipe sometime soon???

  2. well i guess that the secret is not being shared ..plz share this recipe