Sunday, May 27, 2012

Decorations, Food and Favours for a Girl's Birthday party

Preparing for 12 year olds to celebrate a birthday involves three main items:

 1. Decorations
- preferably  fancy do-it-yourself (unless you are a millionaire)

2. Youtube 
(or once again if you are wealthy, a Karaoke machine)
I set up a laptop and added extra speakers for volume and internet wi-fi connection to Youtube... cheap as chips!


3. Chocolate
- lots of it and all different varieties

Chocolate slice (recipe to follow) ***see post for 31st May 2012
Tim tams
Any chocolate covered lollie or biscuit
A Large Block of chocolate for chocolate eating contest and several more for prizes (Instructions to follow)

Party Favours/Bags

You can also make fun party bags/ favours with inexpensive noodle boxes filled with a few lollies decorated with flowers, patty cakes leftover from the party ( if there is any left ), and nail polish, lip gloss, stickers and other fun things for girls.

Chupa Chupa Flowers
Cut a small square of pretty paper about 10-15 cm and fold in half to form a triangle shape. Fold sides in and up to the opposite side, as shown in picture. Draw a petal shape over the centre and cut.  Cut a very tiny section off the point and open up to reveal a flower shape. Insert a chupa chup or lollipop on a stick and voila!!

Patty Cakes Party Cake
With some icing and simple decorations, a patty or cupcake can take on a whole new dimension. Supermarkets sell pre made flowers, and some icing and cachous/sprinkles really jazz it up to look good.

I must ponder about how much money I saved, not what I spent, but nevertheless this is so much better and less expensive than a McDonald's party..... and the Kids will have more fun...

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