Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spring bllms into Action

Gardenia blooms.... my favourite flower!

Yes it is Spring here in the subtropics. Well to tell you the absolute truth, it has been for quite a while. Spring comes early, disguised as late winter and does not leave till Advent. But I can tell that the friendship between me and Spring is fading.... as the humidity levels rise. At first the temperatures are wonderful, moderately warm, no ice cold toes at nighttime. Spring usually is predictable fine weather but this year it has been different. Rain, or at least many overcast days interspersed with sunshine.... I am in my element.

Flowers in my garden!

You see I have energy level that are infintely correlated with the temperature and humidity levels.... I have much more energy in winter and with temperatures below 25 degrees. Once the mercury rises, so does my temper and the energy levels accordingly decline....

Therefore, I try to make the very most of the wonderful Spring days, with all the flowers. Unfortunately, the weather gets too hot for many plants to continue flowering past xmas.... they simply wilt and wither from lack of water and a constant thirst. Rather like me, and now I must go quench my thirst... humidity is up past 71percent....

Does everyone feel like this? The people from the colder climes and temperate areas of the world seem to crave hot weather but not me....is this something to ponder about...?
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