Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thinking back to the snow and colder climes

Today I had a lovely restful day, after the manic few weeks of the early June. It was just what I needed to rest my overstretched brain and body. Retail therapy just does not have the same effect as sitting at my desk, painting a naive bavarian swiss scene, drinking, eating and listening to radio danmark.

Yet as I sit here, I find myself thinking of the day I took the train from Brig up to  Zermatt in switzerland and remembering the best of travel times. Whilst my travel log is still a work in progress, the images in my head have not faded every though it is now incredibly, almost seven months since I was there.

A brisk morning in my sub tropical part of the world can be much more brutal that below freezing or freezing temperatures in a colder climate. Why is that? Is there a mental factor in enduring colder temperatures? Can the complete lack of insulation in the houses here, take the total blame? Is there a dew point/ humidity level that interferes with how we perceive the cold? I would like to know why 8 degrees here feel so much much more cold than 8 degrees in Germany or Sweden? I would be wearing a t-shirt in Europe in 8 degrees, but here I have a thermal shirt and cardi on.....

So I guess it is easy to guess where I would rather be......something for people who don't know me, to ponder about....

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