Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time for Decorative painting a.k.a. Folk Art

 The school needs some help with crafts  - could I help them out? I've dragged out my brushes and got inspired. Some of these items have been in my craft cupboard, I am ashamed to say, for five years! High time for them to have a new life, and this helps the school a little.

The little plaques read "Mum's cafe - Open 24 hours!"

These simple daisies and violets are a combination of drybrushing and stippling. No intensive stroke work needed here.The photo frame's backgroup is sponged with Green oxide and warm white tints.
I used Jo sonja's Gouache and Brilliant Violet, Ultramarine blue, Pine Green and Warm white. The roses were a combination of Red Violet Burgundy and Warm white. Green Oxide for the rose leaves.

A parent always needs a wooden spoon, for cooking, of course!

I have two free folk art and Rosemaling projects on my website:
 But I will upload a small pattern here if you are frightened of doing these patterns freehand.

Grab some paint and a brush and start decorating useful household objects. It will brighten your home and unleash your creativity. Set up can cost as little as $10.00.
 I use some paper towel dampened and wrapped in greaseproof paper  for a cheap disposable palette.

Copyright Amanda McLaughlin 2012
I will be pondering about how many of you will be tempted to try the above design... It is fairly simple. Breathe and Enjoy!

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