Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Painting bonanza

Holidays are great for giving me spare time in the mornings... NO school lunches to prepare, no school drop offs, so what is my morning routine? Exercises firstly, of course, some simple Yogic stretches and then while the cool weather holds rip in to the piles of prepped and bare wood projects just begging for some decoration. 

It is surprising what can be achieved in 2 hours, items that have been sitting in my storage cupboards for years... shame shame, shame...
Some garden signs that made great xmas presents for friends and family

Traditionally Hallingdal Rosemaling is a symmetrical painting with the scrolls being the  main feature, rather bold and heavy with little shading. Perhaps it reflects the culture of the people, hardy and bold???  Often painted on warm orange red backgrounds, it is also found on "Farmers Blue" but I choose basic black and this appeared to work well. The design I painted this morning is a design by Gayle Oram and took me just over three hours to complete. A nice decorative door for my wine carrier.. Surely a talking point amongst my painting friends....

This is a German bridal box design that I painted last week. I thought it might look nice on this handy cheeseboard / paddle.
Using Glossies I painted a plate in Scandinavian xmas colours... simple but elegant.

This just goes to prove that you can make time to do things that you want to achieve, just keep the focus and determination, which is something for me to ponder about....

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