Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arts Centre and Lyttleton Gondola

Tribute to the Twin towers of the World Trade Centre 9/11 in Ch ch ch.

Christchurch has an interesting monument to September 11, so will the Big Apple reciprocate?

Who do you call in Christchurch? Quake busters!!! Sorry bad pun there, but the old fashioned phone box was functional at the time, and not so sure now, as this area is badly hit....

Tram stop outside Arts Centre...

Whilst waiting for our lovely old tram... we checked out some local architectural gems....like this....

We visited theArts centre


The style of the College was based on the Oxbridge model of academic buildings surrounding cloistered quadrangle and is such a wonderful example of bluestone gothic revival architecture... and I am afraid that parts are damaged in the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake.... but hopefully it will be restored to its former glory as seen in these photographs.

Little wonder that a tv commercial was being filmed there... .what a wonderful backdrop!

The majority of Arts Centre buildings are brick with an outer stone facing. The grey volcanic basalt rocks were sourced from Banks Peninsula, although the quarries have long since closed. With the assistance of convict labour and wooden scaffolding, rocks were shaped with hand tools and mortared into position.

The cream-white coloured stone around the windows is Oamaru limestone which is easy to carve to great ornamental effect. However, these qualities also make it susceptible to airbourne pollution, and often a dark crust builds up causing rapid deterioration.

With an on-site stonemason and a summer programme of mist cleaning, the stonework to all buildings is being progressively repaired and reinstated to international best practice, ensuring the buildings survive for future generations to enjoy.

Earthquake status reports that the Arts centre has re - opened to the general public except that some areas like the Great Hall, clock tower, and observatory remain off limits due to damage.
The great Hall and is off limits due to earthquake damage...

But back to the pre earthquake days in Christchurch....

What could top our punting experience? Kotane and a kiwi experience perhaps... or

a magnificient 360 degree view.... from snowy mountains that look like white cake icing to the Pacific coast and the harbour at Lyttleton ( which has dropped substantially due to quake damage...)

The iconic Gondola is a must do in Christchurch. A must do.
And if you go there and back within 2 hours, the bus ride back ( about 20 minutes to the city centre) is free.

Catching that #28 bus from the city to Lyttleton, was easy, and after a compulsory photo opportunity form the Gondola staff, and a short queue ( as it was not school holidays), we hopped aboard the Gondola and gradually silently went up and up and up

.... to the summit. And the view........ see for yourself.

Lyttleton harbour from the Gondola summit.

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This is the summit road... very dangerous in high winds.
Heading over to Governors bay and Looking out towards Banks peninsula

There is a restuarant and large souvenir shop at the top plus a tourist attraction Time zone which we did not have time to zone into, but I do want to remark on the quality of the souvenirs in the shop. Many I had not seen anywhere else, and some were very useful. I would skip the rest and just shop here.

BTW, we were sucked into buying the badly photoshoped picture of us in the Gondola, but the view behind without the afternoon haze made it worthwhile.

Subway beckoned us for lunch in the mall, and then we hopped in a taxi to the Holiday on Avon, and spent a short while relaxing in the Garden courtyard.
An Eclectic mix of rainforest plants and northern hemisphere botanicals, like conifers and fuchsias....

Next....To Kotane wildlife reserve. A Moari concert, Pois ( not poise ) and close encounters with a kumu pig and a kiwi....

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