Monday, August 23, 2010

Healthy skin is window to your Health

When you see someone with crystal clear skin, they almost glow with good health. If one is sick with a cold flu or worse, the face is the first sign something is wrong, they may have pallor, or dark circles, a frown, and generally do not glow. They may try to cover it up but the skin gives tells the true situation.

'Exposure to the sun, stress, a diet lacking in nutrients and too little sleep all damage your skin, and it's no use slathering on moisturiser and hoping for the best."While small serves of stress can be good for you, chronic stress can block valuable enzyme reactions in the body," explains nutritionist Karen Fischer, author of The Healthy Skin Diet. "The first symptoms of unmanaged stress often include fatigue and dull-looking skin. If you don't learn to relax, premature wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and skin breakouts can soon follow."

This intriguing book is written by an Australian nutritionist with a holistic viewpoint, and has many, many good sensible guidelines for inner health as well as common skin conditions that are often treated symptomatically by the medical fraternity. There is no cure for eczema they will say, you just have to learn to live with it...! But there are answers out there. Often the problem is our liver with is the detoxification organ that is struggling to cope with the onslaught of modern lifestyles. Here the following extract outlines the basics of a sample diet from the book designed to initiate a healthier vitamin enriched diet that will give you results in terms of your skin's appearance very quickly.

Five-Day Sample Diet Plan:
Extract from The Healthy Skin Diet, Week Two:

Day1 Green water with Muesli (see recipes), ground linseeds and almond milk
Day 2 Green water with Mango and Buckwheat Crepes (see recipe)
Day 3 Green water with Porridge (see recipe)
Day 4 Green water with Muesli (see recipes), ground linseeds and almond milk
Day 5 Berry beauty porridge with almond or soy milk (see recipe)

Day 1 Healthy hamburger
Day2 Cajun chicken breast served with sweet raspberry, avocado and watercress salad (see recipes)
Day 3 Tuna and avocado wrap (see recipe)
Day 4 Rich Mediterranean pasta salad (see recipe)
Day 5 Salad sandwich with creamy mayo (see recipe)

Day 1 ACV drink (see recipe) followed by lamb stirfry (see recipe)
Day 2 Apricot chicken (see recipe) with brown rice
Day 3 Entree: 2-6 fresh oystersMain: Prawn and sweet chilli stirfry (see recipe)
Day 4 Creamy chickpea curry (see recipe)
day 5 Slow roasted lamb with steamed greens (see recipe)

Day 1 Brazil nutsOne piece of fruitSpot-free skin juice (see recipe)
Day 2 AlmondsVegetable sticks with hummus (see recipe)
Day 3 Smoothie recipe of your choice (see recipes)
Day 4 Avocado salsa with four wholegrain wheat crackers (see recipe)
Day 5 Raw nuts

This informative book gives everyone regardless of their lifestyle truly something to ponder about....
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