Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Do you plan your weekly meals for your family?

As I do not buy convenienc food and everything is home baked,
I try to plan fortnightly, or else I end up dreading the inevitable questions from teenage boys around 4pm in the afternoon. What's for Dinner? And you of course, have not got your head around to that yet....

So I try to be prepared with the help of a internet site that gives me lots of inspiration. And it is winter so it is the time for lots of Soups, stew and Casserole... the oven also keep the kitchen warm.

So what's cooking this week?
(I Have some left over Sausages to use up so) the first night will be:

Curried Sausages with Broccoli Soup and Chocolate Self saucing pudding.

Slow Cooker Beer Stew with a side of Chickpease and Vegetables with Couscous

Chicken Stew with couscous or rice.. ( undecided )

(using up the large Pumpkin my husband brought home).

Chicken Vol - au vents ( everyone gobbles these up)

Broccoli Ham kind of hot potch bake... I make it up as I go along but have a large amount of Broccoli to use up.

Finnish Fish bake

Baked or Grilled Fish with Spring Rolls

Finally the battle between Pasta bolognaise and Meatloaf at the end of the week... who will win?

Will this satisfy the hungy hoards with their raging Testoterone...

That is something for me to ponder about....
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